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SCANDINAVIAN COUNTRY CLUB,Denmark (SCC) was founded i 1986 -mainly to inform
the danish people about country music.

SCC is a club with members -around 1000- all over Denmark as well as Norway and Sweden.

SCC is running an open air country music festival every year in August with bands/soloists
from all over the world.
Our country club is a non-profit organization and we try to run our budget in such a way,
that the audience only pays for the costs of the festival.

Besides the festival we are running -what we call- "Country Afternoons" with 2-3 bands playing.
We are having these afternoons 3-4 times a year..always on a Sunday !

SCC is also publishing a magazine for their members five times a year,where we try to get
around country music and tell all about the information we are getting.

For further information:

Scandinavian Country Club
Klepgabsvej 2 Borridsų
8881 Thorsų
+ 45 86 96 70 11
+ 45 86 25 39 09
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